Why our ancestors did not have food allergies, unlike us?

Have you ever wondered why our grandparents did not have food allergies? Or at least, this phenomenon was not as common as today?

Food allergies among children grew by 50% between 1997 and 2011.

Dr. Joseph Merkola, head of the research team of this project, points out that milk allergy is in the first place in frequency in the United States. He thinks the reason for this is in the growth hormone placed in artificial milk for infants, as well as the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture and animal husbandry, which began in the 1990s.

Is there anything in our food that did not exist before?

Absolutely! Processed food contributes to the development of allergies, at several different levels. Most processed products contain colors, aroma flavor enhancers, preservatives and additives that are crucial. However, in the testing, no patient has shown a reaction to a particular, individual component of the processed food. This means that no one is allergic to color or emulsifier alone. This has long puzzled scientists, as long as they began with allergy tests of a combination of supplements used in the food industry. The result they received was shocking. The powder additives used to increase the nutritional value of the products, are almost without exception the main triggers of allergic reactions. Depending on the combination of additives, a typical reaction (milk, gluten and the like) develops.

So why our ancestors did not have food allergies?

Because they ate unprocessed food without preservatives. Meals came directly from the gardens or farms. Babies were naturally breastfed or fed with fresh cow or goat’s milk. At that time, there was no talk about diets. Domestic chicken soup was used in many diseases.

Our grandparents spent most of their time outside, outdoors. They consume forest strawberries, blackberries, unspecified apples. Nearly never attended by doctors. When they got fever, they were treated with folk remedies. They swarmed with brandy. When their stomach ache, they ate only soups and stews. And they drank teas. Their food was their cure.

Nutrition and lifestyle have a significant impact on our body. Each cell of our organism needs proper nutrition to function properly. Poor diet endangers the integrity of each cell, which creates sensitivity to a particular type of food.

At this pace, it is necessary to ask how the future of human nutrition should look. Because our future will depend on that future.


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