London’s Legatum Institute published the annual list of the most prosperous countries in the world. The Prosperity Index was determined on the basis of 104 variables, such as traditional values, economy, employment rate, and one of the most important criteria was the health care in each country, and on that basis a special list was drawn up.

19.UK – The British national health system is perhaps one of the brightest diamonds of the Queen’s crown. Although the national health system is in constant conflict with politics, the British continue to have free health insurance.

18. France – the average life expectancy of the French is 83 years. Not only to wine and quality cheese, there is something in health.

17. New Zealand – one of the most physically active countries in the world, with an average life expectancy of 81 years.

16. Spain – the country with the largest number of doctors per capita, even four doctors “cover” a thousand people.

15. South Korea – Free health insurance is used by 97 percent of the population.

14. Finland – the country that has the highest confidence in its health.

13.Qatar – the best health standards in the Middle East.

12. Germany – Despite the love of beer and sausage, the Germans are one of the healthiest people in Europe with an average lifespan of 81 years.

11. Belgium – compulsory health insurance for all its citizens.

10. Australia – Australia’s beautiful weather provides the status of one of the healthiest nations on the planet. The average lifespan is about 83 years, which puts it 4th on the list with the longest-lived countries.

9. Hong Kong – 11 private and 42 state hospitals that serve “only” 7.2 million people.

8. Netherlands – three years in a row The Netherlands is the first in the list of best health systems in Europe.

7. Norway – health insurance is free for children under 16, but adults pay. This is the state that invests most money in the health care system.

6. Sweden – men in Sweden take the fourth place of the longest-lived members of the stronger gender on the list of world nations with an average lifespan of 80 years.

5. Austria – health insurance cost 25 euros per month.

4. Japan – the inhabitants of this country have the longest lifespan on the planet, 84 years. Unfortunately, this has caused demographic changes in the country because the nation is aging aging.

3. Switzerland – rich, beautiful and incredibly healthy! Everything is required from one country. Health insurance is universal, and all citizens have the option of a surcharge for certain types of services.

2. Singapore – if the average life is 83 years, then it enough speaks about health in this country.

1. Luxembourg – This rich country ranks first in the world’s best healthcare systems with an average lifespan of 82 years.



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