Obesity blame a slow metabolism? Expert advice how to change that

When we’re talking about healthy eating habits and weight loss, the most important thing is metabolism, and its role in the body is often misinterpreted. We tend to simplify our understanding of metabolism, so we say it slows down as we age and it’s harder for us to burn the consumed calories. Fitness and Nutritionist J.J.Virgin recalls that metabolism is much more complicated than that.

In the magazine “Mind Bodies Green,” Virgin, who has been studying how lifestyle and food choices affect the metabolism for three decades, writes that maintaining healthy weight is not calorie counting, but we must do both the lifestyle and diet that will encourage the body to progress. This is good news because it means that metabolism is adaptable and can be “restarted”, and not something that we have acquired at birth.

Gases and bloating

If your gas and bloating are normal after a meal, it may indicate that something is wrong. Many people suffer from some digestive problems. It all leads to body aches, acids, lack of nutrients, fatigue and slow metabolism.

Persistent obesity

Slow metabolism is expressed by pumping pounds. You will find that the usual exercise and effective diets in the past no longer work. This condition is very common, and Virgin calls it “resistance to weight loss”. According to her, intolerance to certain foods often contributes to the inability to lose weight. To reduce the resistance, the main culprits, such as gluten, milk and dairy products, soybeans, eggs, peanuts and artificial sweeteners should be ejected from the diet.

Glucose imbalance

If you want to bite something mildly or constantly need snacks, you may have fluctuations in your blood sugar level. If you give way to desires, you are exacerbating the situation. When the sugar rises, energy falls, the ability to concentrate is reduced, we are sleepy, we remember badly, we have no motivation. Virgin advises to eat pure protein, healthy fats and fiber at every meal to keep poor food away. Here is the key breakfast, says Virgin – it is good to have breakfast for one to two hours after awakening to prevent a change in the value of sugar, resulting in changes in energy and mood.


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