Top 7 films for March, films that you shouldn’t miss

Little action and humor in this film March. This month we will publish several films that we look forward to.
The repertoire contains titles that we have been waiting for over half a year, and we will look at how Alicia Wickander tackles the role of Lara Croft, which was celebrated by the legendary Angelina Jolie.


Red Sparrow

Jennifer Laures joins forces with the director of the Hunger Games trilogy, in a Russian spy thriller. Armed with sex appeal, weapons and several types of wigs, we are sure that you will like Jennifer’s role.

A Wrinkle in Time

If there is someone who can screen the work of Madeleine Langle and her journey through time in the form of fantasy, then it’s the fantastic director and producer Ava Diverney, who is an Oscar winner.


Things are becoming rather unusual in the new accomplishment of Samuel Mozov. It’s about a sad story about parents and the condition of Israel.


And now a little comedy! And action! Charlize Theron is in the lead role as head of a company that produces marijuana drugs, of course for medical purposes.

Strangers: Prey at Night

It’s a horror story about uninvited guests who are “examining” a couple, they are looking for someone named Tamara.

Tomb Raider

Even if you are not fans of action heroines, Alicia Vicander will surely interest you, especially since previously this role was played by Angelina Jolie.


This is one of the most anticipated psychological thrillers this year. This is quite enough to know it.





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